Maintaining Positive Energy in Your Home: House Clearing

Maintaining a positive energy is incredibly important to your overall well-being and happiness. There are many things that we do to rid our bodies of negative energy, such as yoga or meditation, but what about cleansing your home from those same negative energies? Keeping a peaceful, purified home is equally as important for restoring balance and harmony in one’s life.

With holidays coming up, many different people are likely to be in your home for family gatherings - bringing their energetic impact with them. Do you want them coming into a space that has negative energy? What about after the guests leave? Though the holidays are a wonderful time to reconnect with family and friends, they can also be a stressful time - bringing up heavy and dense energies. House clearing is an easy way to restore the balance and happiness in your home going into the holiday season and beyond.

If you aren’t familiar with the beneficial impacts of house clearing, it’s one of the best ways to cleanse your environment - particularly with sage house cleansing rituals. Burning sage is a practice that started with Native Americans and has continued to share it’s healing powers with us in the form of energy cleansing and ritual ceremonies. By introducing the powers of sage to your home, you can achieve a restoration of balance and harmony to any space. Though saging is a key component to achieving balanced energy, our approach to house clearing entails a specific process that includes much, much more than just saging!

This holiday season, start fresh and allow one of our certified energy healers to perform a house blessing for your home! For more information on how we can help you cleanse the negative energy in your space, contact Joanne at or 678-744-3257.


Joanne Newell Owner of the Center for Energy Healing

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Joanne Newell is the founder and owner of the Center for Energetic Healing in Roswell. As an established leader in the healing arts, Joanne is dedicated to helping others achieve harmony in their life by balancing energy for pain relief, stress reduction, improved sleep quality and a greater sense of well-being. Learn More

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  • After working with Joanne, the pain I had in my shoulder for over a year was nearly gone! I had no idea how powerful energy healing could be!

    Rebekah Huffman, Clinical Social Worker

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  • After working with Joanne, not only did my stress level diminish greatly, I regained my confidence, focus and came up with strategies to incorporate into my study routine. I began passing my practice tests! During the exam, I was able to use some tools and techniques that Joanne taught me for managing my stress level and to keep my mind clear and focused. I passed the Boards and am now working in the field that I love!

    Dr. Anne Waldner, Physical Therapist

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  • Joanne is truly the best. She just has the passion for truly helping her clients and truly cares for all she does. She has this amazing way of really helping show how you can relieve stress and problems through organic and holistic ways that inspire me to treat my body better.... thank you.

    Tracy Moore, Sales

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  • After working with Joanne, my hip pain was gone for the first time in two years. The following day I was able to walk without the aid of a cane which I had been using for a year.  Since then I have continued to experience significantly reduced hip pain.

    Jim Jenkins, Licensed Professional Counselor

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  • For years, I'd been taking Ambien to help me sleep. I had one session with Joanne Newell at The Center for Energy Healing 5 months ago and haven't taken an Ambien since. Thanks for helping me sleep better Joanne!

    Hal Coleman, President of Coleman Services

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