The Lunar Cycle 2019 Presents Great New Opportunities for Energy and Meditation

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The Correlation in Between Energy and the Lunar Cycle 2019

We’ve seen the folklore of how a full moon affects werewolves in movies. It’s that point in the movie when the plot thickens and we’re on the edge of our seat. Though seeing that in media might be fun for those who like scary movies, there’s actually scientific reasoning for why that lore came about. No, I’m not here to tell you werewolves are real. The truth is that the moon can affect real physical changes both in the earth’s gravitation and believe it or not, in our physical energy and emotional wellbeing. We’ll have 13 “new” moons in the Lunar Cycle 2019 – join us as we dive deeper and learn more on how we can utilize the moon’s full cycle to help promote positive energy and dispel the negativity in our daily lives. *NOTE-Technically the 13th moon is referred to more (and better known as) in its full moon phase as a Blue Moon, rather than there being a 13th New Moon.

The Meaning Behind the Lunar Cycle 2019

Isn’t this a beautiful, complex world we live in? Our moon, which is 238,900 miles away, affects the sea levels on our little blue and green planet. Through the rotation of the earth and the gravitational forces of the sun and the moon, we can have high tide or low tide. That sensation in of itself proves that this world relies so heavily on energy. As impressive as all this is, this is not the sole source of energy that the moon benefits us with. The Lunar Cycle presents beautiful reminders, symbolism and sights that inspire innovation, happiness, meditation and even the release of old harmful habits.

A New Moon – A New Beginning

A new moon is essentially like starting with a clean slate for each lunar cycle. The new moon is the part of the Lunar Cycle when the moon is at its darkest; think of it as a page not written yet. It is a time for you to set intentions for what you want to manifest for the Lunar cycle. Contemplate your hopes, dreams and desires. Be diligent and positively envision your plans coming to reality. Speak out loud or chant your desires; use crystals to enhance your experience. Write notes and place them in a jar or under a pillow. Use the new moon as a boost of energy, a chance to realign your life with meditation and a spark of positivity that will inspire you to action and carry you through the Lunar Cycle.

Be encouraged each time you see a new moon, as this means a new beginning. This is a time to explore your creativity, your opportunities for growth and a time to re-energize. Even at its darkest, this world always carries light, energy, and that’s what the new moon brings to us.

A Waxing Moon – A Time To Build







Just like the Moon is building to its fullest light, so should your positivity. This is your time to harness your internal energy and truly envision your goals and dreams. Act on them by meditation and exploration. Release your fears and embrace the excitement of trying new things. Take that first painting class, make your business plan, or write the first chapter of that book. For personal endeavors now is the time to address family situations in a positive way.

A Full Moon – A Time of Reflection

With the illustration brought up earlier about werewolves and full moons, one may have inferred that full moons can cast negative energy. That is not the case – quite the opposite, actually. A full moon is simply the mid-point of a Lunar Cycle. A check point so to speak.

The full moon signifies that we are halfway thru the Lunar Cycle. This is a time to review what has taken place so far. How are those intentions you set playing out? This bright time of energy is a time you may find your dreams and hopes are amplified. It is a time of gratitude for the positive energy flowing through and things coming to fruition.

But, just as the sun is being reflected in the moon, this can also be a time of friction. Are there doubts, stress and unhappy interactions or missed opportunities that are amassing in negativity? The full moon is the time to realize these and seek out ways to release them. Many people find the Full Moon as a great time for a “Moon Bath” by sitting under the moonlight and meditating.

A Waning Moon – A Time of Release

The waning moon, much like it sounds is the nearing end of the Lunar Cycle. It signifies a start of seeking release of what you do not need. Are there things in your life that are not positive or bringing you joy? Reflect on these without harshness, instead look internally to give yourself kind of a “checkup” of how things are going. 

How are your relationships, work, even your health going?
Did the intentions you set at the New Moon, come to life?
What is it time to let go of?

Give homage and respect to your accomplishments. Use the waning moon as a reminder to make a habit of meditation, which is a lifestyle change and implementation that promotes joyfulness and wellbeing. Now is a time to rest and regroup for the New Moon ahead.

The Benefits of Following The Lunar Cycle

By adopting the Lunar Cycle into your life as way of managing your physical energy and emotional wellbeing, many people find a greater sense of peace and positivity, as well as way to address stress in a more proactive way. The key is to allow the both your external and internal reflection to happen naturally as with each phase of the moon. But, don’t forget to also enjoy the sheer beauty and peace of the moon’s nature.

The Lunar Cycle 2019

We will experience 13 moons in the Lunar Cycle 2019. Each Lunar Cycle is approximately 29.5 days. The next new moon will be April 5. Thinking of incorporating the Lunar Cycle as part of your road to better wellbeing? Then please feel free to share your experiences with us on Facebook.

Below is a list of 2019's New Moons:

  • January 5
  • February 4
  • March 6
  • April 5
  • May 4 (May 18th being the Blue Moon)
  • June 3
  • July 2
  • July 31
  • August 30
  • September 28
  • October 27
  • November 26
  • December 26

Find Positivity in the Lunar Cycle 2019, Find Healing at CFEH

The Lunar Cycle 2019 is only the beginning of how energy healing can make a positive and profound difference in your life. The new moon is a symbol of new beginnings, but any time is a good time to make strides toward an improved and joyous lifestyle. To learn more about our programs and to start the first step to a happier life, contact us today at 678-856-5744 or send us an email at Be sure to be a part of our online communities on Facebook and Twitter.


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