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Joanne Newell

An established leader in the healing arts, Joanne Newell is the founder and owner of the Center for Energy Healing in Roswell, where she is dedicated to helping others achieve harmony in their life by balancing energy for pain relief, stress reduction, improved sleep quality, and a greater sense of well-being.

Joanne’s mastery of energy healing came through extensive training in the fields of energetic medicine, meditation, intuitive development, shamanic healing arts and hypnotherapy. Her unparalleled healing abilities combined with a BA in Psychology allows her to use an integrative approach by customizing sessions to meet the unique needs of each individual for complete mind-body-soul wellness.

Passionate about community involvement, Joanne loves collaborating with other community health advocates including yoga instructors, therapists and doctors. She is also currently a business partner of Roswell High School, teaching meditation to both students and teachers.

With fifteen years of prior corporate work experience, wife to her college sweetheart and mother of two daughters age 9 and 11, Joanne has first-hand experience of both the stresses and joys that come along with life roles and responsibilities. It is through studying, practicing, teaching and evolving with energy healing and meditation that Joanne has witnessed in herself and in others how balancing energy can produce profound and positive life-changing results on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

To find out more about the Center for Energy Healing or to schedule a consultation, contact Joanne at or 678-744-3257.

Kristen Hyler

Kristen Hyler is the first graduate of the Center for Energy Healing’s new apprenticeship program! She had extensive, personalized training, mentoring and supervision under the Center’s founder and owner, Joanne Newell. Kristen’s certification as a professional energy healer allows her to use various modalities of energy healing to balance her clients’ energy for pain relief and stress reduction.

Kristen also has a passion for astrology. She feels that astrology can give a perspective on what kind of energy the day, week or month is in. For her and her clients, astrology is a map of how to navigate through the changing energies of day-to-day life.

In addition, Kristen also leads various classes at the Center including full moon ceremonies for releasing energy that is no longer needed and new moon ceremonies to connect and call in intentions. Check out our full schedule of classes here:

As an employee of the Center, Kristen also manages our retail store and can help you choose the items you need to help you stay balanced outside of our office. Stop in and say hello!

To find out more about Kristen or to schedule a consultation, contact her at or 678-744-3257.

Denise Hagerman

Do you ever wonder how we are able to get you so much valuable information on our social media platforms? Who creates all those inspirational messages to get you going and keep you motivated throughout the day? It’s all thanks to our Chief Inspiration Office, Denise Hagerman!
Denise has been with the Center since 2016 and she helps keep you connected to all the valuable and helpful information we have to offer you through social media. If you follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, then you’ve seen her posts of positivity!
Denise is also in the process of receiving her yoga teacher certification so be on the lookout for her classes to be added to our schedule of offerings.
Is there any type of information you’d like to see us write and post more about? Contact Denise at or 678-744-3257.

Lauren Corsillo

Lauren Corsillo is a Licensed Professional Counselor who joined the Center for Energy Healing family in 2017. Her specialties include working with children, adolescents, families, couples, relationships, sports psychology, positive psychology, mindfulness meditation, stress management, and holistic wellness.

Lauren received her Masters in Community/Mental Health Counseling from John Carroll University in Ohio and was blessed to have a graduate assistantship coaching for the women’s volleyball team. She also worked as a personal trainer at Bally Total Fitness, and Director of Volleyball at a private gym.

Lauren believes that with physical health is a key part of wellness and overall mental health. She educated her clients on the benefits of the mind/body connection, fundamentals of nutrition, unique physical fitness routines, work-life balance, the value of being a team player, and the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

Lauren is very passionate about her clients’ overall health and wellbeing, and incorporates a holistic approach to enhance work-life balance, self-care, and happiness. Helping people to lead happier, healthier lives is her passion!

In addition to seeing clients individually at the Center, Lauren also teaches mindfulness classes. Check out our full schedule of classes here

To find out more about Lauren or to schedule a consultation, visit her website: and contact her directly at or 216-704-3246.

Read What Others Are Saying About Joanne

  • After working with Joanne, the pain I had in my shoulder for over a year was nearly gone! I had no idea how powerful energy healing could be!

    Rebekah Huffman, Clinical Social Worker

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  • After working with Joanne, not only did my stress level diminish greatly, I regained my confidence, focus and came up with strategies to incorporate into my study routine. I began passing my practice tests! During the exam, I was able to use some tools and techniques that Joanne taught me for managing my stress level and to keep my mind clear and focused. I passed the Boards and am now working in the field that I love!

    Dr. Anne Waldner, Physical Therapist

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  • Joanne is truly the best. She just has the passion for truly helping her clients and truly cares for all she does. She has this amazing way of really helping show how you can relieve stress and problems through organic and holistic ways that inspire me to treat my body better.... thank you.

    Tracy Moore, Sales

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  • After working with Joanne, my hip pain was gone for the first time in two years. The following day I was able to walk without the aid of a cane which I had been using for a year.  Since then I have continued to experience significantly reduced hip pain.

    Jim Jenkins, Licensed Professional Counselor

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  • For years, I'd been taking Ambien to help me sleep. I had one session with Joanne Newell at The Center for Energy Healing 5 months ago and haven't taken an Ambien since. Thanks for helping me sleep better Joanne!

    Hal Coleman, President of Coleman Services

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