Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

When workloads start piling up, stress levels can begin to rise, which may cause a dip in productivity and overall morale. The effects of energy healing can make an impact in the workplace as it reduces anxiety and promotes positive energy. If you're looking for a way to implement a positive change in your workplace, then investing in your personnel through energy healing is your next step.

Energy Healing for Stress Relief

Tight deadlines, lofty expectations and tense situations can squash the positive morale of an office; what's most unfortunate is that these negative pressures are essentially ubiquitous in many workplaces. Understandably, success and great results won't come without hard work, but incredible achievements can be made stress-free with a transformation through energy healing. Through energy healing approaches to tackle stress, everyone in your office – from entry-level employees to C-level executives – can function productively, positively and prolifically without absorbing or being affected by unnecessary stress, which otherwise could be the bane of success.

Why Energy Healing?

In all that we do, we exert energy. As the invisible foundation of our physical being and our health, energy is among the most important factors of our wellbeing; however, it's probably the most overlooked aspect of personal and communal health. Energy flows through our body just like blood through veins. Energy healing promotes and boosts health through rebalancing, restoring and smoothing out the flow of energy within the body. Achieve a more joyful atmosphere in the work environment through energy healing initiatives. At Center for Energy Healing, we use Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Energy Clearing, Integrative Energetic Medicine, Meditation, Crystals and Essential Oils to promote revigorated energy in the body.

In-Depth Productivity: A Result of Energy Healing

Low workplace morale can be an abstract concept, so how do employers approach this problem? As an output of human emotions such as stress, negative energy can break a workplace, causing teams to possibly under-produce and make preventable mistakes. Through initiatives that restore and rebalance energy, our programs at the Center for Energy Healing can revegetate a workplace by addressing negative energy in individuals at its core and promoting positive energy that will strive and increase morale, which in turn can improve productivity and quality.

Energy Healing Sessions: A Fresh Outlet for Wellness Initiatives

The substantial workload at the executive level is best approached with a thought-out balance of outlets for wellness initiatives. Companies usually address this through workshops, lunch &learns or retreats. If your boardrooms are afflicted with stress and tension, then energy healing sessions for your valuable team members are a good investment.

Say Goodbye to Stress at Center for Energy Healing Roswell

A happy workplace starts from the top. Are you ready to make a profound difference in the workplace? Whether for entry-level employees or executives, our energy healing programs are designed and proven to make a positive impact on you and your team's wellbeing – all through the giving of a more joyful life through energy healing techniques. For high-level executives, we offer a VIP program that provides an extensive approach that leads to long-term, valuable benefits and results. Contact us today at 678-856-5744 to see what energy healing solutions can help improve your work life.

Read What Others Are Saying About Joanne

  • After working with Joanne, the pain I had in my shoulder for over a year was nearly gone! I had no idea how powerful energy healing could be!

    Rebekah Huffman, Clinical Social Worker

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  • After working with Joanne, not only did my stress level diminish greatly, I regained my confidence, focus and came up with strategies to incorporate into my study routine. I began passing my practice tests! During the exam, I was able to use some tools and techniques that Joanne taught me for managing my stress level and to keep my mind clear and focused. I passed the Boards and am now working in the field that I love!

    Dr. Anne Waldner, Physical Therapist

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  • Joanne is truly the best. She just has the passion for truly helping her clients and truly cares for all she does. She has this amazing way of really helping show how you can relieve stress and problems through organic and holistic ways that inspire me to treat my body better.... thank you.

    Tracy Moore, Sales

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  • After working with Joanne, my hip pain was gone for the first time in two years. The following day I was able to walk without the aid of a cane which I had been using for a year.  Since then I have continued to experience significantly reduced hip pain.

    Jim Jenkins, Licensed Professional Counselor

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  • For years, I'd been taking Ambien to help me sleep. I had one session with Joanne Newell at The Center for Energy Healing 5 months ago and haven't taken an Ambien since. Thanks for helping me sleep better Joanne!

    Hal Coleman, President of Coleman Services

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